If you run into some issue with the image installation or running the Ethereum on ARM node, please follow these steps in order to solve the issue or get assistance.

EOA Check script

This script is designed to check for common issues that users may encounter when trying to install and run their first Ethereum on ARM node. It checks for various system information such as hardware, software, and service status and looks for the usual problems that users may face based on the shared experiences in the Discord community.

The script’s purpose is to help users troubleshooting info and identify any potential issues that may be preventing the Ethereum on ARM node from running properly.

We will include it by default in the next images release. From now, you can install it by typing:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ethereumonarm-utils

Usage is quite simple. Type the following command in order to run all checks locally:

sudo eoa_check

If you don’t know what the report means or you have questions about it, you can send the log to a paste service in order to make it publicly available. Run:

sudo eoa_send

The command will return an URL which you can use to show others the report content.

Discord Channel

You can ask for help in our Discord channel. Paste the eoa_send content here if, as stated above, you don’t know what the eoa_check output means. This is our channel:

EOA Discord channel